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The Difference-A Holistic Approach (DIFAHA)


Sending out a huge THANK YOU to everyone who supported us with the raffle to raise funds to continue providing the services that assist trauma victims.


How You Can Help

Many of us have suffered trauma but just see it as a part of life; not realizing how it is affecting our life choices/decisions.  A recent client believed she had not suffered any trauma but was curious about energy healing. After three sessions, she submitted an evaluation stating, "Anyone receiving this type of healing is truly blessed - I would recommend these healing services to everyone."

If you have suffered trauma or know someone you believe would benefit from energy healing, please call The Difference (701) 263-5518.

The Difference-A Holistic Approach (DIFAHA)

Other ways you can help The Difference assist the victims of trauma:

Collect your pocket change and donate every few months.

Make annual cash donations for tax deductions.

Refer to clients.

Donate $5,000 or more for a North Dakota tax credit.

Volunteer to serve on the Board of Directors.

Donate real property i.e., stocks, bonds, and land.

Donate office equipment and office supplies.

Leave a charitable bequest in your will.

Volunteer – help with educational/awareness events or transportation of victim to/from healing session.